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Effectively penetrate into stubborn callus, soften the stiff skin, callus and chapping skin of the feet, accelerate the metabolism of aged cuticle, remove stiff skin and callus, and prevent the bounce of callus and dead skin. Combine aloe, cucmber and French deep sea algae extract with moisturizing, relieving and repairing effects, effectively relieve dry and rough skin of feet, and make feet skin soft, smotth and tender without odor.


1. Open the package from the seal, insert the feet into the mask as wearing shows, fix the mask with the adhesive tape.
2. Wear cotton stockings outside of the feet mask it perfectly attach onto skin, and provide flexible movement for feet.
3. Keep in onto skin for 30-40 minutes.
4. Remove the mask, thorughly cleanse the feet with clear water instead of cleaning agent.


Pure water, ethanol, sodium lactate, cucmber extract, lactic acid, glycolic acid, honey extract, aloe extract, glycerin, salicylic acid, lavender oil, HA.


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