Lami Lashes 3D filler


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Lami Lashes 3D Filler

Lami Lashes 3D Filler is a NANO treatment for natural eyelashes and eyebrows, which is increasing the volume by 40% and thickening each eyelash and eyebrow.

Lami Lashes 3D Filler treatment is an additional procedure for Lash Lifting. The procedure’s aim is to fill in the destroyed parts of the hair, restoring the natural structure and deep moistening of the hair. The eyelash consists 96% of keratin.

Collagen and hydrolyzed keratin fill the damaged areas in the hair structure and compact it.

The Lami Lashes 3D Filler treatment can be offered to customers who:

Do not like eyelash extensions, but want to achieve a bright and expressive effect;
Already fell in love with the Lash Lifting treatment, the result of the joint application of 3D Filler gives an even more spectacular result;
Suffer from weak, thinned, naturally thin eyelashes. 3D Filler thickens each eyelash, increasing the total volume by 40% with the first procedure;
Come to you with damaged eyelashes:
Over-processed eyelashes/ overuse of heated eyelash curler,
Due to unsuccessful bio lash lift or badly done eyelash lamination,
Due to excessive dryness of eyelashes from adverse weather conditions – wind, intense sun, temperature and humidity;

Vegan and cruelty free.




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