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Green Nature Spa Conditioner

Stubborn nails do not want to grow?

Try magical potion and see how they are growing!

Extracts from seaweed, nettle and baobab in the form of green gel, improves the condition of the nailS and causes their healthy growth. During the application the active substances in microcapsules are dissolving and realizing contained vitamins A, E and C to moisturize cuticles and nails. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients the conditioner has a regenerating, moisturizing, antioxidant, improving elasticity and stimulating growth properties. It reduces the problem of rough cuticles, irritations and it prevents the nail from cracking and dryness.

Gel consistency is a perfect alternative for products oily based.

Usage: Apply on the natural nail plate. Massage to achieve the best absorption. If necessary apply again.


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