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Gel Polish Complete Beginner XS set, with UV lamp

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Gel Polish Beginner XS set.

In this elegant box you can find 18 products, which will allow you to create and remove stylizations, including SUNmini 6W UV/LED lamp – available only in the set! Products packed in a beautiful box are a ready gift for an exceptional person, who wants to start an adventure with gel polish!

6W SUNmini UV/LED Nail Lamp with 6 LEDs of 6W total power, cures hybrid and gel varnishes. It has two exposure modes: 45 and 60 seconds. Due to its small size and foldable legs it will not only be useful during travels but also in every situation, where using a standard lamp seems impossible or troublesome. It is also ideal for pedicure. 6W SUNmini UV/LED Lamp fits in every purse, thus you can always have it with you. Powered via USB cable, exceptionally light, with a pleasing design in two color options has a big chance to become the woman’s greatest – yet tiniest – friend.

Technical parameters:

  • 6 LEDs
  • maximum power consumption: 6W
  • dimensions: 131 x 67 x 19 mm
  • wavelength: 365 + 405 nm
  • lifespan: approx. 50000 hours

Set includes:

  1. The Garden of Colour Strawberry Pink Aceton 150 ml
  2. The Garden of Colour Strawberry Pink Cleaner 150 ml
  3. Strawberry Crimson Roll-On Cuticle Oil 10 ml
  4. Manicure Sticks – 10 pcs
  5. Abrasive Buffer 100/100
  6. Mirror Effect Powder 1 g
  7. Color it! Premium Hybrid Base Gel 6 g
  8. The Garden of Colour Dry Top 9g
  9. Color it! Premium no. 620 6 g
  10. Color it! Premium 1220 6 g
  11. Color it! Premium no. 70 6g
  12. The Garden of Colour Dry Top 9g
  13. Zebra Straight ISO Nail File 100/180
  14. White Straight ISO Nail File 100/180
  15. Nail Stickers ZD167
  16. Aluminum Foil Nail Wraps – 10 pcs
  17. Cellulose Wipes – 12 pcs
  18. 6W UV/LED Lamp SUN mini

Size of the package:

width 313 mm
height 210 mm
depth 60 mm


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