Disinfectant for instruments

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Instrument Disinfectant (1 litre concentrate) is a new class of instrument disinfectant that combines secure microbiological credentials with safety in use and comparatively rapid activity. Built in dosing device

Disinfectant is primarily designed for open tank use but its unique flexibility also renders it suitable for other medical apparatus including Ultrasonic Cleaners.

  • Reduced exposure time in ultrasonic cleaning. Disinfects instruments within 10 minutes.
  • Cold sterilisation in 30 minutes.
  • Improved cleaning performance
  • Comprehensive microbial effectiveness: Bactericide (including M. terrae) and fungicide in accordance with the new DGHM (German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology) guidelines. Effective against viruses (including HIV, HBV, HCV), adenovirus, SV40;
  • In an ultrasonic bath: Bactericide, fungicide, virucide (including HIV, HBV, HCV)
  • Meets the new DGHM guidelines and European standards
  • Material compatibility: Metals, glass, porcelain, plastics (partly for polycarbonate)


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