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Highest quality Cat Eye Effect !

15 gorgeous colours from hybrid line Cat Eye hybrid gel with magnetic colouration and properties. Cat eye effect on nails delights with original colour transitions, which draw attention of other people!

Hybrid gel from The Garden of Colour guarantee the highest quality! They are made using advanced techniques such as HPLC (special technique used for cleansing and identification chemical solutions), spectrophotometry, GC/FID (Gas chromatography) and GC/MS (mass spectrometry), in order to provide exact chemical composition. Owing to that, there was created an unique product, which is high quality and safe.

Hybrid Gel has thin consistency. It is self-leveling and adheres great. The colour is stable, while the product dries fast and has less irritating scent. In order to remove hybrid gel you need to soak nails in acetone.


– thin consistency

– self-leveling properties

– strong pigmentation

– great covering

– does not create sticky dispersion layer

– spectacular effect

– can be cured under lamps: UV and LED

HOW TO USE: Before use, shake the bottle. Apply a thin layer of the hybrid gel over the nail plate or tips and cure under UV lamp for 2 minutes. Subsequently, apply another thin layer of the hybrid gel, and put the magnet above the nail plate at a distance 2-3 mm for approximately 5-10 seconds. Cure the ready cat eye effect under UV lamp for 2 minutes. The hybrid gel does not have sticky dispersion layer. The gel adds gloss, but it is recommended to apply the glossy top coat to protect it.


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