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Base One Clear is a colourless gel, perfect for building the nail on tips as well as on the template. Without any problems, you can blend elements and combine it with other gels or acrylics.

Medium thick, self levelling – provides a level of comfort.

All Base One Gels were created by the special technique that produces an extremely durable polymer chains of gel mass. The appropriate alignment of the particles makes the mass strong and flexible at the same time with very good adhesion to both the tips and to the natural nail.
How to use:

The first step is a gel underlay (e.g. Base Gel One Bonder) that increases the adhesion of the gel. Ideal for any type of nail plate. The gel forms a protective layer between the nail and the gel which increases the adhesion of subsequent gels. Used exclusively for gel method.

The cured gel layer of “Bonder” is a primer for the second step, which is building the layer: made with gel such asSilcare Base One Clear.

The third step is a top gel such as UV Top Coat, which fits perfectly with the previous layers and adds shine to the nails.


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